A Different Response to Terrorism



Ever since the attacks in Paris on November 13th I, like many others have been frightened. Every time we turn on the TV there seems to be something else to fear, another threat to watch out for. After spending days looking at images of Paris in the wake of such a terrible tragedy it turned out that the horror may not even be over. The shock had barely worn off when more threats were issued. It was now Belgium’s turn to fear an attack. Brussels went into lock down and still remains on high alert as a result of these attacks. Every city it seemed was looking over its shoulder.

It is impossible to know what to do in these situations. Do we stay in our homes and close the curtains? Do we stop traveling to other countries? Do we respond with violence or by shutting others out? Do we look for people or religions to blame? These seem to be the options that are offered when we listen to the news. I don’t know about you but none of these are very appealing to me. If we do these things it feels like these people have already won. It is hard not to feel desperate and hopeless when we see the damage that was caused by these terrible acts of violence. How do we respond to something that is so difficult to understand in the first place? These are the kinds of questions that have been swirling around in my head and earlier this week I finally got my answer. Continue reading